Crystal's Story

It was no surprise with how quickly Crystal Oliver moved up in her career. By the age of 18 she was working as an independent stylist in West LA and was Janet Jackson's personal braider. From there her unique elaborations have graced the heads of La La Vazquez-Anthony, Kelly Rowland, Serena Williams, Janet Jackson, Destiny's Child, and many more.

Crystal has expanded her Celebrity hair care services to also offering online beauty supplies and designing custom hair units. With quality being the cornerstone of her work ethic, Cb Hair Units have stood out on the covers of South Africa Vogue, and Essence Magazine and has walked the Red carpet of the NYC Met Gala. 

The future of the Crystal Blings Salon will manifest in the form of educational classes, salon events, networking mixers, and opportunities to mentor youth. While Crystal's vision has no limit, she is excited to grow with her current and new clientele. 

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